Drawing inspiration from the natural texture of cotton cloth and the subtle variations of flax, the ReForm Calico rug collection brings this essence into its design and patterns to mirror the natural world in contemporary spaces of all kinds. The collection's loop structure closely resembles the tactile feel and randomness found in woven cotton, offering a unique touch to any floor.

Available in a palette of several harmonising colours, each carefully chosen for their tone-on-tone balance, ReForm Calico allows for versatile styling: from subtle dusty shades to bolder colour statements.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a key feature of the collection is the use of yarn derived from used fishing nets and other waste materials. This innovative approach not only helps reduce environmental waste but also showcases a commitment to responsible practices. By repurposing these materials into high-quality regenerated and regenerable yarns for the rugs, the collection exemplifies how elegant design and sustainability can go hand in hand. This process reflects a dedication to preserving our oceans and natural resources, making each Calico rug a symbol of both style and ecological responsibility.

Bringing softness, a warm atmosphere, and sound reduction to any project, rugs elevate and renew the floor, a sometimes overlooked part of interior decoration. With a simple, yet very effective grip, a rug transforms your room into a completely new space. Customise your rug by choosing construction, size, shape, and edging. With Ege Carpets' rugs concept, you can customise the rug to perfectly fit the interior style you aim for by following a quite simple procedure.

  • Available in:
    Tiles and planks
  • Recolour options:
  • Ready for dispatch:
    Within 3 weeks from receipt of order
  • Sample service:
    Within 2-4 days delivery
  • Download specification for BIM use


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