The Lush rug collection, with its remarkable pile weight of 2,800 grams, takes luxury to new heights. Its even denser construction not only amplifies durability but also imparts an opulent, plush feel perfect for creating a sumptuous atmosphere in any setting. This collection, too, boasts a sophisticated range of fixed colours – each thoughtfully chosen to exude elegance and comfort. These hues, ranging from gentle neutrals to warm earthy tones, are tailored to blend seamlessly into vaious interiors, making Lush an ideal choice for those seeking a fusion of lavishness and modern design in their spaces.

Similar to its partner collection Grace, Lush embodies the perfect blend of luxury and practicality, featuring solution-dyed yarn for lasting colour. This collection's rich texture and varied colour palette make it a fitting choice for upscale environments, including lounges or high-end retail and hotels, where it promises to deliver a touch of serene luxury.

Bringing softness, a warm atmosphere, and sound reduction to any project, rugs elevate and renew the floor, a sometimes overlooked part of interior decoration. With a simple, yet very effective grip, a rug transforms your room into a completely new space.
Customise your rug by choosing construction, size, shape, and edging. With Ege Carpets' rugs concept, you can customise the rug to perfectly fit the interior style you aim for by following a quite simple procedure.

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