The Atelier collection, a fusion of Monsieur Christian Lacroix's deepest passions, presents several distinctive designs across unique themes: Textile and Gravure. Textile captures the essence of fashion with patterns inspired by a rich array of ethnic and foreign fabrics, while Gravure - drawing from Lacroix's heritage, features fantasy engravings that reflect historical landmarks and the delicate beauty of nature.


A partner and friend
Our collaboration with fashion designer Monsieur Christian Lacroix is a fusion of high fashion and exquisite carpet design. Over more than a decade, we have collaborated with Monsieur Lacroix to create remarkable carpets for prestigious clients like the Paris Museum of Fashion and various boutique hotels. His attention to detail in patterns and colours has made Ege Carpets an ideal partner for his extravagant haute couture style. Monsieur Lacroix, born in Arles in 1951, has a rich background in classical literature, art history, costume design, and since the 1980s, has been influential in various design realms including theatres, trains, and hotels.

Bringing softness, a warm atmosphere, and sound reduction to any project, rugs elevate and renew the floor, a sometimes overlooked part of interior decoration. With a simple, yet very effective grip, a rug transforms your room into a completely new space.

Customise your rug by choosing construction, size, shape, and edging. With Ege Carpets' rugs concept, you can customise the rug to perfectly fit the interior style you aim for by following a quite simple procedure.

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