For wall-to-wall carpets you can choose between different types of textile backings.

Our textile backings consist of polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA), polyester (PES) or a mixture of the above. All are PVC-free.


Woven Textile

WT backing is especially suitable when there are heavy demands regarding the carpet’s resistance to loads such as intense traffic and wheeled office chairs. The backing is thus perfect for conference rooms, offices, hotels, restaurants, bars and institutions. WT backing is woven from 100% polypropylene and ensures great walking, increased sound absorption and better ergonomics. WT backing can be installed directly onto the subfloor, and for even greater comfort, it can be installed on an extra carpet underlay – either installed or mounted on grippers. Mounting on grippers provides a cushioning effect when walking on the carpet. Also creates increased step sound absorption, strength and elasticity.

Acoustic backing

Sound-absorbing properties are the basis for good indoor environments. A carpeted floor benefits the acoustic environment as it functions as an acoustic aid to increase step and sound absorption. AB backing also ensures extra walking comfort and eliminates the need for a separate underlay, which saves both time and money. The backing consists of a specially developed felt material of 100% polyester made from used water bottles that are reborn to bring new value to contemporary interior design. Carpets with AB backing are suitable for most social spaces such as lobbies, corridors, hotel rooms and conference rooms. The backing is PVC-free.

Eco Comfort

The ECC 300 and 550 gr backings are specially developed for our flat-woven wall-to-wall carpets. The backing is made from used plastic bottles and is a 100% PVC-free textile material with excellent comfort and sound-absorbing properties. The special felt backing renders flat-woven carpets with an ECC backing ideal for areas such as offices, corridors, hotels, restaurants, retail and institutions.

IMO certified

Light weight backing.
The Avifelt backing consists of 100% polyester. The light weight backing allows easy handling and fast installation and is approved for the marine sector. The backing is PVC-free and IMO certified with Wheelmark.

Wall-to wall collections
For projects with big design ambitions
Wall-to wall collections
When the surface appears as one large pattern without physical joins and breaks in the design, a very special look is achieved.

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