Your delivery your choice

When we transport carpets to our customers, it often entails a relatively large amount of CO2 emission which we're working hard to reduce.

Choose your delivery with care
When speed matters, it leads to relatively high emissions. However, with Ege Carpets, you can choose a greener delivery method. You just have to wait a little while longer. We have a 48-hour sample service but if you can wait a few days more, you will reduce the CO2 emissions of the transportation by 20% (within Europe only). Your delivery. Your choice!

Our transport choices matter 
We are responsible for the transport solutions we offer our customers, and therefore we require that our shipping agents only use best-in-class lorries for transport. In 2030, we will be CO2 neutral for all of our carpet transport, regardless of whether it is transported by lorry, train, ship or aircraft. 

More environmentally friendly company cars
With our desire to make a difference, it's only natural that we begin by changing our own actions. We’re replacing our company cars and vans with more environmentally friendly alternatives, starting with hybrid cars. By 2030, all our company cars will be 100% CO2 neutral.

Follow The Green Thread
The sustainability strategy
Follow The Green Thread
A green thread runs through everything we do.
It begins in 1938. And it continues into the future – both the part we can see, and the part we can’t. It connects every story, every design, every initiative that we bring into the world.
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