Climate change requires action by everyone around the globe. From 2007 to 2020, we reduced the CO2 emissions from our production facility by 53%.
We don't think it's enough to just be CO2 neutral. We want to be CO2 positive by 2030.

Renewable energy for sustainable carpets
Each year, we invest an ever-increasing ratio into energy from offshore wind turbines. Therefore, the electricity consumption of all our production sites is covered by investments in 100% renewable energy. This significantly reduces our environmental footprint and supports the global agenda for a sustainable future.


The best energy sources last forever


Sustainable biofuel
While 46% of our current biofuel consumption is off-set by investments in certificates supporting sustainable biofuel production, it’s our goal to increase this number to 100% by 2025.


Follow The Green Thread
The sustainability strategy
Follow The Green Thread
A green thread runs through everything we do. It begins in 1938. And it continues into the future – both the part we can see, and the part we can’t. It connects every story, every design, every initiative that we bring into the world.
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