Circular processes in our production

Surplus heat keeps local community warm 
To ensure rapid delivery to all of our customers, many of the machines in our production facility operate 24 hours a day. This requires a lot of energy – but it also generates a lot of energy in the form of heat.
We redirect this heat to homes in the local community through the district heating system, helping to keep families warm.

Purification and reuse of water
Many carpets start as pure white yarns that are transformed into attractive design in our large dye facility, where 40,000 nozzles inject a vast range of colours into the yarn.
When changing colour scales, all residual dyes are rinsed from the facility, which takes a lot of water.
To reduce our resource consumption, we have developed our own method of purifying and reusing the water, which allows us to reuse 40-70% of all water used in the dye facility. 

Continuous dye circulation 
Our carpet design features the most beautiful colour combinations, with a richness of detail, gradient effects and sharpness. The dyes are circulated continuously to prevent clogging of the 40,000 nozzles in our high-tech dye facility, which injects dyes into the carpets.
This process also ensures that approximately 88% of the dyes and 30% of the thickening agent are used again and again.

Follow The Green Thread
The sustainability strategy
Follow The Green Thread
A green thread runs through everything we do.
It begins in 1938. And it continues into the future – both the part we can see, and the part we can’t. It connects every story, every design, every initiative that we bring into the world.
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