Circular processes in our production

Surplus heat for local houses
We’ve conducted a major heat recovery project whereby the surplus heat from some of our production facilities is channelled into the district heating system for houses in the local area or used as space heating in our own buildings. This means that we cover the annual heat consumption of 341 families.

We clean and reuse water
Most of our carpets are borne with non-coloured yarn. The beautiful designs appear when the tufted carpets run through our enormous dye facility that injects colour into the yarn. When changing colours the facility must be cleansed of any colour residue, which requires a lot of water. We’ve developed our own way to clean and reuse the water so that 13,536 m3 of water was reused in 2021/22.

We recirculate the dye 
We can create carpets in the most amazing colours, which are injected into the yarn by 40,000 spray nozzles. Behind the nozzles, there’s a complex web of tubes where the colours are constantly recirculated to prevent the nozzles from clogging and ensuring that 86% of the colour dye is reused.


Follow The Green Thread
The sustainability strategy
Follow The Green Thread
A green thread runs through everything we do.
It begins in 1938. And it continues into the future – both the part we can see, and the part we can’t. It connects every story, every design, every initiative that we bring into the world.
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