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100% Recycled plastic in carpet tubes
Our carpets are rolled onto tubes that are made from 100% recycled plastic. In 2020/21, we used 966 km of carpet tubes.


Yarn from used fishing nets
A sustainable world
Yarn from used fishing nets
Many collections are based on the regenerated and regenerable yarn made from used fishing nets and other industrial waste. The nets are collected and cleaned before being reborn as strong yarn for carpets.
Backings made from used <br> plastic bottles
Ecotrust felt backing
Backings made from used
plastic bottles
Our carpets are available with patented Ecotrust or acoustic backing made from used plastic bottles containing between 15-37.5 1/2-litre bottles per m2 depending on the type of backing, we keep 40.4 million used bottles in circulation.

Reuse is the future

A carpet has more than 200 different components. Apart from yarn and felt, where we already use recycled materials, there are many other ingredients, including dye, glue and limestone.
We’re working hard to replace these with recycled materials. Our 2030 target is clear: 75% of raw materials must be recycled.


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