Waste is not waste until it is wasted

Recycled carpet base
A carpet base runs between the front and back side of the carpet, and yarn is tufted into this base. We use different types of carpet base, two of which are made from 90% recycled industrial waste.
For example, our sustainable ReForm concept is based on one of these carpet bases.


Yarn from used fishing nets
A sustainable world
Yarn from used fishing nets
Many collections are based on the regenerated and reusable ECONYL® yarn made from used fishing nets and other industrial waste. The nets are collected and cleaned before being reborn as strong yarn for carpets.
Felt backing made from used <br> plastic bottles
Ecotrust felt backing
Felt backing made from used
plastic bottles
1 m2 of carpet backing is made using 18 half-litre bottles, keeping these materials in circulation rather than disposing of them as waste. Globally, approximately 1 million plastic bottles are consumed every minute.

Recycling is the future

There are 200 to 300 different components in every carpet.
In addition to yarn and felt, the carpets are made with dyes and glue. We are working hard to replace as many of these components as possible with reused materials.
Our goal is that the carpets are made of 75% recycled materials by 2030.

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