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With the ReForm designer collection; A New Wave, Laura Bilde and Linnea Ek Blæhr from Séché Studio have launched their first carpet collection. The designers’ profound love of nature and their uncompromising visual style make the perfect match to Ege Carpets’ sustainable design agenda.
Thus, this collaboration unites in an environmentally friendly and three-dimensional interpretation of the coastal elements sand, grass and ocean.

Séché Studio is a design studio comprising Laura Bilde and Linnea Ek Blæhr. Sharing a deep understanding of aesthetics, the duo works with objects and spaces in the tension field between functionality and sculptural expressions. With their conceptual approach, they create designs that experiment with materials and shapes while combining tactility, sensuousness and enticement. The design philosophy of Séché Studio is to create iconic, simple and timeless items.

About Laura Bilde and Linnea Ek Blæhr from Séché Studio 
Laura is born in 1990 and Linnea in 1992. With a strong grasp on concept, materiality and form, they work across product and interior design from their Copenhagen-based atelier; Séché Studio.
Driven by tactility, curiosity and design that can be experienced on both a physical and emotional level, Laura and Linnea also collaborate with companies such as Please Wait To Be Seated, Norm Architects, Menu, Bestseller, Woud, Handwärk and Kristina Dam.

Nature treats us well so we have to take care of it
Séché Studio

A New Wave

A New Wave
A New Wave
A New Wave by Séché Studio

A reflection of nature

Inspired by the rough and untouched landscape of the Danish west coast, A New Wave strives towards tactility on a functional and sensual level that allows you to feel the patterns of the sand, the strict lines of the grass dunes and the rhythm of the waves washing in. Multi levels in the carpet construction form the sculptural patterns while the colour palette reflects the dry and delicate tones of the seaside.
The collection is crafted from ECONYL® yarns that are both regenerated and re-generable. Based on abandoned fishing nets and other industrial waste, our choice of yarn brings an attractive and sustainable solution to your next interior project. We care about the environment and want to protect this unique source of recharging, peace - and inspiration!
Check out the impressions of the sculptural collection

Crafted from ECONYL® yarns that are both regenerated and re-generable.

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