Guide to recolour, visualise & download

Guide to recolour, visualise & download
Select your own colours online

Recolour, visualise and download your own design

Thanks to our advanced production technology, it’s easy and quick to recolour a standard design from our Highline Express collections at no extra charge. Pick any design and select your colours from one of our four colour palettes.

Our recolour tool is developed to make it easy for you to select your own colours online.
You can even visualise and download your design in beautiful 3D room settings and use them for your own presentations and reference. This useful room visualisation is available for all our other collections.


Design and recolour

You’ve already picked the design you want to recolour. Now it’s time to play with your own colour selections.

  • The colours used are listed below your selected design. By clicking the light bulb icon in the colour swatch, the area of this colour will be highlighted in the design. You can now select a different colour for this area by clicking the colour swatch. 
  • You can select colours from the existing palette or choose another colour palette to make your selection.
    Please note that you can only use colours from the same palette. 
  • If you want to use colours from another palette, you can change it by clicking “Change palette …”. Please note that all colours in your design will change to colours that are approximations to the colours from the original palette. Now you can continue and use your selected palette to make colour changes.

A few tips
Sometimes you have to try different colours to find the perfect result. You can save your favourite colour designs by clicking “Add to favourites”. This will make it easy for you to go back and forth between your favourite candidates before making the final selection.

If you want to start again, click “Restore original”.

Our online recolour tool is not available for our Highline Designer collections: Atelier, Canvas Collage and Industrial Landscape. Please contact our design team to learn more about the recolour options for these designs.

Step 2

Room visualiser
Once you’ve made your colour selection, you can go to the next step to get a preview of your design in a 3D room. There are many different types of room to choose from depending on the nature of your project. These beautiful room settings are extremely helpful when it comes to getting a good sense of the final result and the scale of the design.

NB: Corridor carpets cannot be shown in 3D rooms.

Step 3

Configuration and download
Once you’ve made your colour selection, you can choose to download a number of documents that you can use for your own reference and presentations.

  • PDF document of the design
  • 3D room previews
  • Tileable design files with or without carpet texture to use in our own visualisations

Just fill in your details and you’ll receive a link to download the documents you’ve selected.

Tick the box for ordering a physical sample of your colour design free of charge. We have a 48-hour sample service. We always recommend that you and your customer see a physical sample of your design before placing the final order.

Colour palettes
Wide range of colour options
Colour palettes
With the launch of four updated colour palettes, design options have improved significantly! Each palette introduces a remarkably increased number of accent colours, which add even more depth and texture to the carpets.

Happy recolouring
We hope you’ll find our recolour tool easy and useful in finding the perfect carpet design for your next project. If you need help, our experienced design team is always ready to assist you.


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