Una Grano ECT350 red

  • Una Grano ECT350 red
  • Una Grano ECT350 red Roomview 1
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  • Una Grano ECT350 red
  • Una Grano ECT350 red Roomview 4
  • Una Grano ECT350 red Roomview 4
  • Una Grano ECT350 red Roomview 4
  • Una Grano ECT350 red Roomview 4

Product indication - Type/Concept/Collection

The bouclé-inspired loop pile structure has the look of abundant stacks of sun-bleached corn. This collection is one of the lightest designs in the ege carpet range. It is offered at very competitive prices without compromising on quality. Una Grano is ideal for use in heavy-duty areas.

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Una Grano ECT350 red
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Certificates & markings
Ecotrust_logo Xantistat Xcastor Xstairs 1307_33 cert_eng bfl_s1 ce14041 VOC_1 C2C_Bronze twoway
Construction characteristics
Structure ISO 2424 Tufted loop pile
Gauge ISO 2424 5/64
Pile material DIR 96/73, 96/74 100% polyamide
Coloration - Solution dyed
Backing ETL Ecotrust 350, 100% recycled
Dimensions ISO 3018 48x48/96x96/24x96cm/Figura
Dimensional stability EN 986 <0,2%
Total thickness ISO 1765 Apr 7,0 mm.
  . 0.28"
Surface pile thickness ISO 1766 Apr 3,0 mm.
Tufts ISO 1763 Apr 167.000 pr.m2
Total carpet weight ISO 8543 Apr 2.800 g/m2
  . 82.6 oz./yd2
Pile yarn weight ETL 570 g/m2
  . 16.82 oz./yd2
Surface pile density ISO 8543. Apr 0,125 g/cm3
Performance characteristics
Performance areas EN 1307 Class 33 - Commercial - Heavy
Guarantee ETL Contract certificate
Performance areas Gulvbranchen Class 33
Castor chair suitability EN 985 Intensive use
Suitability for use on stairs EN 1963 Yes
Static control ETL Permanently antistatic
Body walking test ISO 6356 Antistatic
Acou.insu. from impact noice ETL 25 dB
Acoustical absorption ETL 0,25 aW
Suitability underfloorheating ETL Apr 0,12 m2K/W
Light reflectance ETL Testreport
Colour fastness to light ISO 105-B02 >5
  AATCC 16 5.0
Colour fastness to rubbing wet ISO 105-X12 >3
Colour fastness to rubbing dry ISO 105-X12 >3-4
Colourfast. to water patterned ISO 105-E01 >4
Safety & Environment
Fire classification VKF/AEAI Approved
  ASTM E-648 Class 1
  ASTM E662 Smoke Density <450
  ASTM D2859 Surface Flamm. Pass
  EN 13501-1 Euroclass Bfl-s1
  RUSSIA Approved
CE Labeling EN 14041 Certified
  CPR 1021-CPR-010-1/16
  Declaration of Performance DOP 5B-PA-ECT350
  Notified body no. 1021
  Ce Year 17
  Content of PCP DL
  Formaldehyde emission NA
  Slip resistance Class DS
Indoor climate Green Label Plus Approved
  METS Report Pass
  Emissions dans l'air intérieur A+/A+
  Indoor Air Comfort Gold Group 3
  ABG ABG-28-01-03-03-2018
Environment BRE ENP 434
  Byggvarudeklaration eBVD
  BREEAM-NOR With ECTA Backing
  Cradle To Cradle Certified Bronze certified
  Recycled Content, ISO 14021 Apr 16,4 %
  Recycled Content for LEED Apr 16,4 %
Installation + adhesive guide DK Dansk
  N Norsk
  S Svensk
  GB English
  D Deutsch
  F Francais
Installation tiles Direction of installation Quarter turn
Cleaning, stain removal DK Dansk
  N Norsk
  S Svensk
  GB English
  D Deutsch
  F Francais
Manufacturer characteristics
Factory certification ISO 9001 Audited and verified by BVC
  ISO 14001 Audited and verified by BVC
  DS/OHSAS Audited and verified by BVC
  DS 49001 Audited and verified by BVC
  CRuk Member of Carpet Recycling UK



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