Feel-good ambience

The meticulous selection of materials, surfaces and accessories ensures a very special feel-good ambience when our Think Tank invites you inside to a two-person stand-up meeting, a virtual exchange with colleagues or a telephone conversation in a pleasant space.

Customise your room with your very own choice of unicoloured or melange premium textiles. 

Fact sheet

Internal dimensions: 120x200 cm
External dimensions: 131x211 cm
Internal height: 228.5 cm
External height: 245 cm (incl. ventilation)
Lighting: LED lighting
Ventilation: 12-fold air exchange
Noise reduction: According to ISO 11957: 31 dB
Sound absorption: Wall element: aw= 0,5
  Ceiling element: aw= 0,8
Socket integration: 1 Schuko sockets
  2 USB chargers
Convertibility: Yes
Textiles & Colours
Add your personal touch
Textiles & Colours
Rooms Set offers a delicate selection of plain and mélange colours for you to pick and choose. While a matching shade will refine your interior setting, a contrasting colour can be the energy boost your entire space needs.
Numerous options for individualisation
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