Predesigned room-in-rooms

...with numerous options for individualisation
Rooms Set is a completely free-standing room-in-room system offering 4 predefined room variants to promote pleasant room comfort. Due to their high acoustic effectiveness, the rooms Meet & Greet Model 300x300, You & Me Model 240x240, Think Tank Model 120x200 and Keep Calm & Call Model 100x120 promote concentrated work and communication among team members.

Rooms Set offers a kind of retreat and, with its textile, natural and sustainably produced materials, creates a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere for focused work – no matter what office space is available. Our room-in-room systems promote cooperation among colleagues and a positive working atmosphere. Thanks to the use of textile surfaces, the flexible modular system allows numerous options for individualisation, creating an atmosphere that is conducive to corporate identity. 


This is what makes Rooms Set so special:

• No fixing to the floor necessary
• Perfect illumination by means of integrated, infinitely dimmable LEDs
• High air exchange rate thanks to a self-sufficient, integrated and fully adjustable ventilation system
• Predefined and highly optimised ready-to-use systems
• Combination of textile and glass elements
• Perfect acoustic quality inside and outside the room thanks to sound absorbing textile modules
• Variety through different textiles and colours for all surfaces
Textiles & colours
Add your personal touch
Textiles & colours
Rooms Set offers a delicate selection of plain and mélange colours for you to pick and choose from. While a matching shade will refine your interior setting, a contrasting colour can be the energy boost your entire space needs.

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