Individual rooms with endless possibilities

Our modular room-in-room system is flexible in all ways!
Turning office areas into creative spaces, the textile room system provides versatile modules for almost all situations of communication as well as being and working together: from acoustically optimised workstations to complete rooms for undisturbed conversations, focused working or relaxed exchange. The textile surface combines the acoustically effective product structure with a feel-good ambience and almost everything is possible in the design phase - and can be adapted later for any new requirements.

Complete your room system with our exclusive FLOW add-ons including seating and table elements, whiteboards etc.

So, what does your modular room look like?

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What makes Rooms Modular so special:

What makes Rooms Modular so special:
What makes Rooms Modular so special:
Why to choose…

This is what makes Rooms Modular so special:

• No fixing to the floor necessary
• Perfect illumination by means of integrated, infinitely dimmable LEDs
• High air exchange rate thanks to a self-sufficient, integrated and continous adjustable ventilation system
• Element dimensions can be used individually in 20 cm increments (40-120 cm)
• Combination of textile and glass elements
• Perfect acoustic quality inside and outside the room thanks to sound absorbing textile elements
• Variety through different textiles, colours and haptics for all surfaces
• Enrich with special surfaces like whiteboards, wood or laminate

Create your individual room

FLOW - add-ons for Modular Rooms

FLOW - add-ons for Modular Rooms
FLOW - add-ons for Modular Rooms
FLOW - add-ons for Modular Rooms

Let's create your state of flow

Flow is an exclusive line of add-ons specifically designed to optimise the collaborative process in your acoustic room setting. Adding these quite simple yet highly efficient elements to your room in room setting allows you to transform your room even faster and in a myriad of ways at any time.
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Textiles, colours & surfaces
Expressive interior design
Textiles, colours & surfaces
Rooms Modular comes with a large selection of textile structures, colours and surfaces for precise finishing. Add practical and aesthetically pleasing wood veneer, non-wood or whiteboard surfaces to optimise usability.

How does your room look?

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