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Our Acoustic Rooms Modular and Acoustic Rooms Set collections are composed of a selection of sound absorbing and sound insulation design elements, each of them carefully developed to define a new era of room concepts. Acoustically optimised to perfection, our exclusive range offers multiple functions when serving as independent workplaces, conference rooms or meeting zones in larger office areas.

Featuring a large selection of modules, surfaces, connections and colours, the aesthetic value is outstanding and contributes to a large variety of room-in-rooms for undisturbed conversations, quieter work and relaxed meetings. In addition to these obvious advantages, our acoustic rooms work as effective sound absorbers reducing noise travelling across the room when placed strategically on the ground plan. Therefore, acoustic rooms can be very important to your acoustic design.

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With Rooms Modular and Rooms Set you can choose between varying degrees of flexibility and add-ons. Whether you prefer to design your own acoustic room by picking your favourite elements from the very flexible Rooms Modular collection, for instance by specifying elements from the unique Flow line specifically created to promote collaboration, or you wish to go for the ready-to-go Rooms Set collection, you'll be able to adapt your room for future needs by adding or replacing elements.
Acoustic Rooms Modular
Mix & match - now and later on
Acoustic Rooms Modular
Our flexible Rooms Modular offers acoustic elements for adaptable work environments that can be quickly reorganised for new work or social purposes. Developed to promote collaboration, our Flow line of add-ons sets new standards for creative freedom.
Acoustic Rooms Set
Ready, set, go!
Acoustic Rooms Set
Promoting concentrated work and communication among team members, Rooms Set is your ready-to-go room in room system with an attractive range of design options to pick and choose from. The textile surface allows numerous options for individualisation.

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