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Acoustic panels are high-performance sound-absorbing panels for walls, ceilings and room dividers. They are acoustically effective, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing additions to interiors. Specifically developed materials and constructions efficiently reduce the effect of sound. 

Different shapes
Different shapes
Shapes & Sizes

Aesthetic additions that are easy to mount

Our acoustic panels can be suspended or mounted directly onto the surface with a magnetic system. You can choose panel shapes in standard dimensions or we can produce customised elements with dimensions of up to W300 x H150 cm.

Choose shape and size

Let's help you improve the wellbeing factor in your room with acoustic design.
Textiles, colours & patterns
Ready to Mix & Match?
Textiles, colours & patterns
With an almost unlimited design scope, our acoustic panel collection offers a wide range of textiles, colours and patterns.

How to use Acoustic Panels? Feel inspired from these projects

What’s your acoustic challenge?

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Feel free to fill in this form with your contact information plus a description of your project or acoustic challenge and we'll gladly perform a calculation of the acoustic situation and work out proposals for optimisation.

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