Crowne Plaza Hotel - Business Park Doha in Qatar

A new 5-star hotel in Doha is supplied with custom designed carpets from ege
The Unique Crowne Plaza Hotel – Business Park Doha in Qatar recently opened, and the 5-star hotel is located at The Business Park complex adjacent to Doha International Airport. The Hotel is featuring 378 rooms, including 288 hotel rooms and suites and 90 one to two bedroom resident suites.
ege has supplied the carpets to the entire property.

The project took nearly three years of design and hard work, where each area was custom made in custom colours to suite the interior scheme. The designer Dorota Nazarewicz from M/s. AEB Doha agreed that only ege was capable of providing the necessary support and variety of colours and shades required for each area.

Intricate curved corridors
The curved corridors of the entire property were a challenge to not only design but also have properly manufactured and precisely installed. The design was a two layered design, where the base layer has soft lines in two tones, and the design over this had a very large overall pattern.

Everyone had different requirements. The interior designer wanted to see the design and colour in uniformity in the entire corridor. The contractor wanted to order the least possible material minimizing wastages, and the building consultant wanted to have minimum number of joints and no colour variation due to pile direction. Though it was difficult to accommodate all these requirements, ege managed to live up to everyone’s wishes.

Long, challenging journey
Many meetings were held with various parties to try and accommodate the requirements for all. And after many months of work the final corridor layout was approved and ordered.

It was then up to the installers to understand and make the difficult joints fit perfectly on site, keeping in view the building tolerances and also slight variations on site.

“Fortunately, we were able to have a very good and constructive dialogue with all partners involved in the project. Everyone was listening to each other, and we were all using each other’s ideas and knowledge. Designing each individual area as custom for the entire property having approx 25000 m2 of carpet, was a long and challenging journey, however, in the end all the parties involved were very satisfied  and proud with the end result,” says Shiraz Rizvi, general manager, ege carpets, Middle East.

The designer was impressed with ege
The designer, Dorota Nazarewicz, says about her partnership with ege:
“Everything is possible with carpets from ege. I wanted different designs for different areas. Even smaller areas were specially designed showing colours to suit each environment. ege were professional in their approach to the project. The teamwork was a success, and ege was always exceeding our expectations. We were inspired by all the designs from ege, and together we found just the right carpets,” says Dorota Nazarewicz.
Crowne Plaza Hotel Doha has twelve meeting rooms, and the hotel offers 6 restaurants and bars for leisure. The unique Event Centre, which stands as a globe in the centre of the premises, has 3 levels of conference facility with state of art equipment and technology.

The project was professionally project managed and installed by M/s. Almana & Partners. The entire property has been done with different qualities from ege.

The 14000 m2 of hotel rooms have 80/20 1100
The 9000 m2 of corridors have 80/20 1400
The 2800 m2 of public areas share 80/20 1600 and 1400 qualities.

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Consultant: M/s. AEB – Doha , Qatar.
Project Contractor : M/s. Redco Construction – Doha, Qatar
Public areas Contractor : M/s. Fino International – Doha, Qatar
Flooring Supplied & Installed by: M/s. Almana & Partners – Doha, Qatar

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