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  • Epoca Twist Ecotrust

    Epoca Twist Ecotrust

    01-05-2014 Attractive carpet tiles with invisible joins

  • Epoca Knit Ecotrust 350

    Epoca Knit Ecotrust 350

    01-05-2014 egecarpets presensts new flat-woven carpet tiles for the modern office

  • Una Micro Ecotrust

    Una Micro Ecotrust

    01-05-2014 A minimalist, stylish look

  • ege carpets and David Andersen creating sustainable carpet couture

    ege carpets and David Andersen creating sustainable carpet couture

    30-01-2014 Carpets and couture are two words seldom used in the same sentence, let alone used as elements within the same collection. But this year, the two worlds of carpets and fashion are merging in a collaboration between the successful Danish fashion designer David Andersen and ege carpets.

  • Three new backing variants

    Three new backing variants

    29-01-2014 ege is now offering customers even more flexibility. Our carpet tiles will in future be made with a choice of three different types of Ecotrust backing, all comprising 100% recycled material.

  • New collection with inspiration from queens and jewels

    New collection with inspiration from queens and jewels

    01-10-2013 ege launches a new collection, Opulence, and it creates an atmosphere of glory. The collection is made by the English designer Geoff Haley and contains 6 unique design stories inspired by queens and diamonds.

  • Anniversary collection is a tribute to the 1930s

    Anniversary collection is a tribute to the 1930s

    01-10-2013 On the occasion of ege’s 75 anniversary, the ege designers have created a new Design Spot collection, Reconstructions of the 1930s. It is a tribute to the 1930s where ege was founded and ege is celebrating the anniversary in a universe of geometry and graphic patterns. The colours are mainly monochrome; grey, white, light beige and black and inspiration comes from Art Deco and Le Corbusier.

  • ege products visible in online archive for architects and designers

    ege products visible in online archive for architects and designers

    16-07-2013 ege are happy to announce that some of our products are now visible on

  • EPDs on several ege products

    EPDs on several ege products

    10-07-2013 ege has achieved an EPD, Environmental Product Declaration on its Carré Ecoline Modular and on the entire flat-woven Epoca collection, comprising Epoca Pro, Epoca Compact, Epoca Globe, Epoca Plait and Epoca Structure. And very soon ege's Highline Ecoline wall-to-wall carpet will also have an EPD.

  • Carpets for minimalistic spaces

    Carpets for minimalistic spaces

    23-05-2013 ege carpets has launched a new Cantana product – Cantana Piccolo, which provides many of the great benefits of the ege carpets Cantana collection. This product has a woven look. It is a minimalistic micro-tufted carpet. This collection is specially designed to complement stylish, modern rooms with focus on quality and design.

  • Follow us:

    Follow us:

    23-05-2013 Do you wish to follow us behind the scene on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or Google+? Or you might wish to follow ege designer Ngahuia on Instagram. All this is possible as ege is represented on several sociale media platforms

  • New collection with a minimalistic look

    New collection with a minimalistic look

    02-05-2013 ege carpets presents Natura Tweed, a new collection of carpets in 100% pure new wool. Natura Tweed is designed to blend perfectly with contemporary interiors with high-traffic spaces, where hard-wearing flooring is a must. This collection provides flooring solutions with focus on high quality and excellent walking comfort. Natura Tweed also ensures a healthy indoor climate. It is approved in accordance with Danish Indoor Climate Labelling.

  • Contemporary carpets in 100 % wool

    Contemporary carpets in 100 % wool

    02-05-2013 ege carpets launches New Ideal, an updated version of the Ideal collection. The collection now includes three attractive new colours. which are specially designed to match stylish, modern rooms. New Ideal are carpets made of 100 % pure new wool. Use them when you want your floor to signal high quality and stylish design. The collection is designed to match current trends and coordinates perfectly with the minimalistic style.

  • Carpet tiles at an affordable price

    Carpet tiles at an affordable price

    22-05-2012 egetæpper has launched a new Tempo product – Tempo Stripe. The quality is the same but the effect is new. The carpet tiles are designed with a discrete stripe, which gives the carpet a stringent and contemporary look in line with current trends. Tempo Stripe gives your floor a stylish, streamlined and classic look without compromising on the carpet's quality or easy maintenance.

  • Popular Scandinavian design in a new disguise

    Popular Scandinavian design in a new disguise

    22-05-2012 Completely new dimensions have been added to the classic and attractive Epoca concept from ege. Epoca carpets, which are renowned for their high quality, contemporary look and minimalist style, are now available in brand new colours. The new colours have been developed by international trend agencies, whose designers focus on the modern and visionary aspects of Scandinavian design.

  • Texture Care

    Texture Care

    22-05-2012 The latest addition to the Texture concept from ege is Texture Care, a stylish combination of carpet design with safety and high quality. Texture Care is the perfect choice of carpet for hospitals, retirement homes or any other part of the healthcare sector.

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