The Indian Carpet Story by Rohit Bal

“This is the India I know. This is the India I love, and this is “the Indian Carpet Story” I want to share with the world.” So explains Rohit Bal the designer of ege’s newest collection, when asked about the Indian inspirations in the designs. The Indian Carpet Story depicts an India never before seen within carpet design. It is a modern and contemporary India. From rugs with peacocks and lotus flowers to broadloom patterns inspired by Indian sensibilities this collection shows a wide selection of the finest India has to offer.

The designer, who grew up in Kashmir, has always been fascinated with the lotus-flower, which grows wild there. The flower is his signature, and will be seen in several designs within the 9 different expressions of this collection. Fragrance of India, The Royal Garden, The Tranquil Lotus, The Lotus Garden, Sunshine, Love of Nature, Abstract Universe, Fields of India and Marble Mould makes the collection versatile and suited for a wide range of projects all over the world.


  • 9 unique carpet expressions
  • Recolour options
  • No minimum order requirements
  • 8 standard qualities from 750-1900 g/m2
  • Rugs available in 6 standard qualities from 750-1900 g/m2, please see p. 98 for more information
  • Undisputed performance standard EN1307
  • Performance classification to fit any need; heavy & extra heavy use
  • 24-hour sample service
  • Dispatch within 2-3 weeks from receipt of order




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