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1. General

ege carpets respects your privacy and therefore we only collect and process data about you in accordance with applicable Danish legislation.

However, when you visit our website, we collect certain information about you, your computer and any device you use when you visit the website, and how you behave on our website.

Read this cookie and privacy policy statement to learn more about the information we collect, the cookies we set up to register this information, how we use the collected data and how we process personal information.

You can also read who has access to the data collected and who you can contact if you have questions or objections to collection or processing of your personal information.

ege carpets is obliged at all times to comply with guidelines for the use of cookies and protection of personal information adopted by the, an organisation created by a group of commercial enterprises.  The guidelines include a provision which obliges ege carpets to allow disputes to be settled by the organisation's appeal committee.

Learn more about the organisation (in Danish) on the website


2. Ownership

Websitet is provided and operated by:

egetæpper a/s
Postbox 190
Industrivej Nord 25
DK-7400 Herning
Business reg. no. 38 45 42 18
Tel.: +45 97 11 88 11

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3. Cookies

The website and all its subpages use cookies for all the purposes described in this section 6. A cookie is a digital data package which the website stores in your browser. It is used to identify your computer when you return to the site. Cookies enable us to personalise our website for you and thus improve user benefits. No personal information is stored in our cookies and they do not contain virus.

When you visit the website or one of its subpages, you give your consent to ege carpets or a third party to set up cookies on your computer or any other device you use to access the website, and you allow us subsequent access to these cookies.

If you wish to withdraw your consent and no longer wish to receive cookies from, in section 5 you can read how to delete existing cookies, and how to avoid receiving new cookies.

No cookies are set from the front page of, unless you activate one of the functions, e.g. "change carpet".

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4. What cookies do we use? 

For a complete list of the cookies we use on the website, click here.  The list also tells you which third-party cookies we use.

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5. For how long do we store cookies?

All the cookies we use are automatically deleted after a predetermined period of time (which is variable). For a complete list of all the cookies we set up and their lifetimes, click here.

Please note that the lifetime of a cookie is renewed every time you visit the website, i.e. it is calculated from your last visit to the website.

All of our cookies can be deleted manually.  For instructions, click section 6.


6. How to delete and disable cookies

Click for full instructions (in Danish) as to how to delete cookies from your computer or any device you use to access the Internet.

The instructions also describe how to set your Internet browser up to disable cookies if you want to avoid receiving cookies from websites in the future. Please note that if you choose to disable cookies, you will have only limited use of our website and some of its functions will not be available to you.

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7. How uses cookies

This website uses cookies for the following purposes:
ege uses cookies in in connection with statistical analysis of the number of users and visitors to our website. We also use cookies to save login information to password-protected pages (e.g. if you have asked the system to save your user profile), data traffic analyses, and to store your choice of background image via the "change carpet" function.
The purpose of the individual cookie is also stated in the list of cookies that are set when you use our website. To view the list, click here.

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7.1     Third-party cookies

In addition to our own cookies, which are set by us when you visit or its subpages, some cookies may be set by third parties, whose website services are used by ege carpets. For these services to work, the third parties set up and have access to cookies.

We use services provided by Google to create statistical data about the use of our website, including which pages are visited, how long visits last, etc. We use Google Analytics for these purposes. Opt out of Google Analytics cookies here:

We use MailChimp to send newsletters. MailChimp is a program which allows us to design email newsletters, share them on the social media, integrate them with other services and track the results. 

The purpose of the individual cookie is also stated in the list of cookies that are set when you use our website. To view the list, click here.

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8. Use of personal information

ege carpets never discloses personal information to a third party unless you have expressly given us your consent to do so and we never collect personal information unless you have given us the information yourself in connection with registration, purchase or participation in a survey, etc. This personal information may include name, address, postcode, email address, gender, age, interests, opinions and awareness of different issues, etc.
Personal information may only be used to complete the purchase or perform the service in connection with which the data was registered. In addition, we may use this information to learn more about you and other users of the website.  This may include the following: surveys and analyses that aim to improve our products, the services and technologies we use, how content is displayed and advertising adapted to your interests and pastimes.

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8.1     Who to contact about personal information    

If you wish to have access to the personal information ege carpets has registered about you, please contact us via email at or call us on +45 97 11 88 11. If the data we have registered is incorrect or if you wish to object, please contact us (contact details as above). You can ask to have access to the personal information we have registered about you and you can object to registration in pursuance of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

You can learn more about personal information and your rights in the Danish Data Protection Agency's website

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8.2     Protection of personal information

In accordance with the Act on Processing of Personal Data, your personal information must be stored safely and confidentially. We store your personal information on computers that are protected from unauthorised access. These computers are located in secure environments and our security measures are constantly monitored to determine whether user data is processed responsibly and with consistent focus on your consumer rights. However, as there is always the risk that unauthorised persons may gain access to information that is electronically transferred and stored, we cannot guarantee complete security in connection with data transfer via the Internet.  This means that you give us access to your personal information at your own risk.
The rapid development of the Internet means it may be necessary to change the methods we use to process personal information. Therefore we reserve the right to update and amend the present guidelines for processing personal information. In this event, we will of course change the "last revised" date at the bottom of the page. In the event that we make significant changes, we will inform you of these by posting a clearly visible message on our websites.
In pursuance of the Act on Processing of Personal Data, and to the extent that your personal information is processed, you are entitled to know exactly which information pertains to you. Should it transpire that the information or data processed that pertains to you is incorrect or misleading, you are entitled to demand that it is  corrected, deleted or disabled. You may object to the processing of your personal information at any time. You may also withdraw your consent at any time. You can complain about how your personal information and data are processed. Complaints should be sent to: Danish Data Protection Agency, cf. Act on Processing of Personal Data, Section 58 (1).

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